Let’s set the scene – You have just landed in Bangkok after a 26 hour flight from Toronto. You did everything that you could to plan your flights for maximum relaxation time, but the jet lag is already setting in & you are ready to get to your hotel for some uninterrupted rest.

Scenario one (and I’m speaking from personal experience) is that you land at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, clear customs & immigration, and emerge into a busy arrivals lounge. Overwhelmed with offers to drive you to your destination, you try to remember how to locate the taxi stand, and how much 100 THB is equal to in Canadian Dollars. You make a quick stop at the ATM to pull out some local currency for your ride, but the machine won’t accept your debit or credit card, and you are left without any cash for your trip.

Once at the taxi stand, the line is larger than expected & your internet isn’t connecting to check traffic conditions or appropriate prices for your taxi fare. You have so many questions; Will your driver speak English? Will they stop at an ATM? Will that cost extra?

Finally, after waiting for the queue to die down you give the address for your hotel to your driver & tell him he can go whichever route he would like (because you don’t personally know whether or not the freeway is faster, or if it will cost extra.)

Your taxi driver agrees to stop at an ATM for an extra charge, and by the time you arrive at your hotel for check-in you are both mentally & physically exhausted by the process, and still wondering if you got ripped off on the price for your ATM stop.

Now let’s take a look at scenario two - also a personal experience of mine.

You arrive & clear customs & immigration at the Suvarnabhumi Airport after a 26 hour flight from Toronto, and exit into the arrivals area where your driver is waiting with a named sign & an extra hand to grab your bags.


You have put some thought into the local currency, but you know that your ride has already been booked & paid for, so you will deal with cash later.

By-pass the taxi line, hop into your car & head to your hotel ... yes .. that's the entire scenario.

I cannot tell you how many times I have made the decision to catch a taxi on arrival, only to be overwhelmed by the added stress & confusion, or scammed into paying double by an unlicensed taxi driver. And although I do continue to negotiate with taxi’s & driver’s during my holiday’s (sometimes successfully & sometimes not), negotiating is never fun after a long flight.

Blacklane car service is one of my favorite services for airport transfers, not only for the convenience, but because they are available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Additional benefits to booking with Blacklane include:

  • SAFETY  - Blacklane guarantees that all drivers and vehicles are licensed and insured. 
  • BOOKING MADE EASY - Booking can be done online or via your smartphone app.
  • BOOKING GUARANTEE  - Bookings are instantly confirmed and guaranteed.
  • FLEXIBLE - Blacklane offers free change and cancellation up to one hour prior to departure. 
  • AFFORDABLE - Blacklane's prices are well below those of traditional limousine and chauffeur services.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE  - Blacklane prices are "all-inclusive"  ie. fees, taxes and gratuities are already included in the price. 
  • CASH-FREE – I know I have already mentioned it, but this feature is good enough to mention twice! With Blacklane you do not have to worry about local currency or credit card acceptance. Payment is made through the website/ app after the trip is completed ... cash is not needed!

Book your next airport transfer or hourly driving service with Blacklane HERE & save 10% on your first ride when you book using the discount code BL10. You have everything to gain & nothing to lose, so arrive prepared & start your vacation off the way that it should be – completely stress free!

All Photography for this article provided by the Blacklane Marketing Team. 

All Photography for this article provided by the Blacklane Marketing Team.