TL Travel Luxury Yoga & Hoop Fitness Retreat {Trip In Review}

The TL Travel Luxury Yoga & Hoop Fitness Retreat has now come to a close & what a week it was for our incredibly adventurous travelers. From Kayaking Lake Nicaragua to conquering a viewpoint hike (and many hikes in between) at Aqua Wellness Resort, this TL Travel group took advantage of every excursion offered (and believe me, there were many!)  

On their very first full day together our TL Travelers headed off to Lake Nicaragua for a Kayaking tour of Las Isletas & a stunning view of Mombacho Volcano. With our English speaking & charismatic local guide taking the lead we laughed & learned along the way before stopping for a much needed dip & some time to just take it all in. 

While not incredibly strenuous, you can imagine that we certainly got a bit of an extra work-out while out on the lake & so all welcomed the morning stretches that would follow the next day (& each day after) in our morning Yoga sessions in both Granada & Tola.

Sessions with instructor Katrin Gromova kept us challenged, while more soothing classes kept us warm & relaxed at Aqua Wellness Resort. Around half way through the retreat our own TL Traveler & owner of Joha Yoga in Peterborough, Ontario even stepped in to show us how it was done! 

Nicaragua 2015-4362.jpg

Then there was hooping (of course!) With Canadian Hoop Instructor Jen Frise along for the ride, our TL Travelers experimented with Hoop Fitness & Flow while building core strength & improving on their balancing techniques. 

You would be surprised at how much of a workout you can get through hooping without even feeling as if you have been exercising at all. The fun here certainly outweighed the work & our amazingly energetic group of travelers really seemed to take the fun to the next level!

In addition to scheduled classes, this group of travelers did all that they could to take in their surroundings & appreciate the beauty of this stunning region. Included in this package came snorkeling gear, stand-up paddle-boards, viewpoint hikes & more ... and these TL Travelers made use of it all! 

Take a look at this video recap from our TL Travel Luxury Nicaragua Yoga & Hoop Retreat and be sure not to miss out on the next TL Travel adventure. Where will TL Travel take you?