Hoop Fitness & Happiness!

As many of our followers & travelers already know, TL Travel has recently launched our Yoga & Hoop Fitness Retreat in Nicaragua for this November 2015. While many of our travelers have a passion for their yoga practice (whether they practice professionally or just for fun), many of our TL Travel friends also enjoy experimenting with other creative forms of fitness from Pole Dancing & Aerial Acrobatics to Pilates & Hoop Fitness. TL Travel is about trying new things & having an amazing time wherever we go! We say "do something that scares you" & "jump in with two feet" because you only live once & life is short. 

I often find it difficult to push myself out of my comfort zone when I am at home in Canada & have the comfort of my office and my daily work schedule to fall back on, but nothing gets me out of a funk & onto something new and exciting like landing in a new country and starting a brand new journey!

Hoop Fitness is a fun way to keep fit while having a ton of fun (& often a good laugh)! It allows you to target your arms, legs & abdomen in a way that no other form of exercise can compete with while improving flexibility, motor skills, hand-eye coordination & endurance - and it is an unbelievably good time!

TL Travel is all about the unique, the exciting & the unexpected! When you join TL Travel this November - December 2015 for our Luxury Yoga & Hoop Retreat you will not only get daily yoga ocean-view yoga sessions, but also a hooping experience that will make you re-think the way that you work out. Don't worry though, all of our classes are optional so you are welcome to do as many (or few) as you feel comfortable, or substitute your classes with kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, sun-tanning & cocktails! This trip is ultimately yours. See you there!