While TL Travel supports all styles of travel, we also pride ourselves on our custom getaways for those travelers interested in a more unique & exclusive travel experience. Pre-packaged vacations simply aren't for everyone & we recognize that not everyone has the time & patience to book their own travel getaways and do it well.

By connecting with a TL Travel adventure architect, you will have access to discounted hotel stays, highly reviewed accommodation & restaurant recommendations, and the piece of mind that comes with planning your vacation alongside a location expert. Each custom travel package is designed for travelers who are excited to encounter all that the local culture has to offer with an added degree of luxury & comfort.

The benefits of a custom travel package include;

  • You Decide! - At the end of the day, each & every decision & booking is made with you & your tastes in mind. If you want to spend 60 straight days deep in the jungle, then TL Travel can make that happen. There are no limits to what you can do, and your TL Travel adventure architect will know the best (& most budget friendly) way to do it!

  • Stress Free - With a custom package you will have more options than traveling if you were traveling as a part of one of our group trips, but you will still have the luxury of a stress free vacation knowing that TL Travel has everything organized for you.

  • Move at Your Own Pace - Everyone travels differently! Sure, there are many people who prefer to be part of a travel group, but others (perhaps you are one of these people) prefer to spend their time relaxing & exploring alone. A customized travel package will allow you to travel solo without the stress & planning that comes with actually being solo.

TL Travel can design custom travel packages for solo travelers, couples, and groups of up to ten. Should you require a custom package for a group of 10 or more, please contact us directly at to discuss the needs of your group.