For many, such a large part of  an epic travel experience is about the friends that you make along the way. Whether you plan to join one of our pre-packaged group getaways with friends from home or arrive solo & make friends along the way, a TL Travel group will make you feel like part of a family from the very start!

Discover just a few of the benefits of group travel below.

  • Fast Friends – Arriving & traveling in a foreign country can be both stressful & lonely at times. Joining up with a group of like-minding travelers means making instant friends to share your adventures with!

  • No Stress! – When it comes to finding accommodations, arranging transport, booking excursions & finding your way around a new city, planning can be truly exhausting. One of the best things about joining up with a TL Travel group getaway is having someone to take care of everything for you. You will never have to worry about where to stay, what to eat or how to find those hidden gems because your TL Travel guide will have your back!

  • Affordability – Traveling as a part of a group not only means that you will be able to take advantage of group discounts at every turn, but it also means having friends around to split the cost of taxis, share a bucket of beer or upgrade to a spacious double room for the same price as traveling as a single.

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There really is no end to the memories & benefits that come with group travel, so join a TL Travel group getaway today & enjoy dedicated support from the TL Travel team every step of the way.