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Indonesia is a stunning & diverse country featuring temples, wildlife & an abundance of spectacular volcanic islands. Along with having the second largest coastline in the world, Indonesia is largely known for its Islands (Bali in particular) & its modern capital city of Jakarta.  Indonesia has more than enough to offer both the adventure & luxury traveler alike, and we are excited to help you discover your perfect piece of this paradise.

At TL Travel, we know that pre-made packages aren't for everyone & that is why we specialize in custom travel experiences. Please use this page as inspiration for your next getaway in Indonesia & contact us when you are ready for a quote.


When we think of Indonesia we think of sun, surf & jungle adventures. From volcano climbs & dense jungle hikes to surf breaks & snorkeling, Indonesia has it all for the off-beat adventurer. Indonesia is not a small country & we have a great many favorite spots, but here are just three to get your travel plans started!


Though the island of Bali is certainly overrun with tourists (both foreign & local) we certainly wouldn't call it overrated ... yet. This stunning island paradise is more than just the crowded Southern beaches of Kuta & beyond. Head to the North/ East coasts of Bali & discover a more untouched adventure (BEFORE it becomes the next big thing!) 


The city of Yogyakarta is well known as both the cultural & culinary hub of Java Island. You could easily spend days here exploring the streets & discovering your favorite vendors from street art to street food & more. 


Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Island is home to the Komodo Dragon; one of the most fascinating creatures native to Indonesia. Komodo island has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site & it is in these islands alone that the Komodo Dragon can be found living in the wild.   


TL Travel works in partnership with both boutique hotels & villas in a number of locations & at a variety of price points throughout Indonesia. The hotels & villas pictured below give just an example of the many accommodations available offering the "luxury for less" feel that our TL Travelers enjoy the most. Everything that you see on the TL Travel website can be customized to suit your specific needs, so be sure to contact our team at reservations@tltravel.ca for specialized quotes, recommendations, upgrades or downgrades.

Your vacation is yours & yours alone, so #DiscoverTheBalance with TL Travel & let us plan the perfect getaway for you!

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