"TL Travel is fabulous. The owner does an amazing job with making everyone comfortable & accommodated no matter what age or level of fitness. She is great at finding beautiful, exotic places to stay with affordable prices & she also makes it so fun! Thank you TL Travel for a wonderful time in Nicaragua!!!"

- Julie Kipta (Indiana, USA)


Welcome To Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known as the "land of lakes and volcanoes." Its eleven volcanoes & several lakes provide an abundance of natural beauty and make for some unique excursions from island tours by kayak to the famed volcano boarding. The Nicaraguan people are warm & caring, and their surf and pristine beaches are second to none. TL Travel can offer you some of the most luxurious honeymoon packages & group retreats to Nicaragua's most pristine & private hidden beaches. 

At TL Travel, we know that pre-packaged trips aren't for everyone. Whatever your heart desires TL Travel can arrange for you and both upgrades, downgrades & trip extensions are available for any pre-packaged or custom trip package. Use this page as inspiration for your next Nicaraguan getaway & be sure to contact us for a quote.

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When TL Travelers think of Nicaragua we think of sun, surf & pristine hidden beaches. From viewpoint hikes & volcano boarding to surf breaks & snorkeling, Nicaragua has a little something for everyone. With so much diversity there is a ton of amazing experiences to be had, but here are just a few to get your travel plans started!


Known for its colonial architecture & picturesque Lake Nicaragua, the city of Granada has become a popular tourist destination & the perfect alternative to the countries capital city of Managua.


This small Nicaraguan fishing village is made up of little more than a couple of surf camps & beachfront restaurants. While Gigante itself is better known for swimming & relaxing, board rentals are easily available here for surf on neighboring breaks accessible by foot.


For the adventure traveler this experience is a must! After an hour long hike up Cerro Negro you will surf or slide back down this 730 meter high volcano in under 3 minutes! It's worth the hype so grab a board & hold on tight!


TL Travel works in partnership with a number of boutique hotels/ villas in a number of locations & at a variety of price points throughout Nicaragua. The packages pictured below are just a few of many available packages that offer the "luxury for less" feel that our TL Travelers truly enjoy. Everything that you see on the TL Travel website can be customized to suit your specific needs, so be sure to contact our team at reservations@tltravel.ca for specialized quotes, recommendations, upgrades or downgrades. Your vacation is yours & yours alone, so #DiscoverTheBalance with TL Travel & let us plan the perfect getaway for you!