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When you look at local life in Bangkok today, you will find that it revolves a great deal around the Chao Phraya River & Bangkok's other smaller waterways. I am sure that when most people think of Bangkok they immediately think of busy streets, bright lights & drunk tourists, but head to the water & you will quickly discover an entirely different city from the one that you know now.

Not only will travel by boat offer another perspective on daily life in Bangkok, but many of the cities most notable attractions are located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Cruise the Chao Phraya; also known as the River of Kings, and experience the other side of this monstrous city with stops at these top 5 tourist spots.


Hop off of the riverboat at Tha Thewet River Pier & you will find Thewet Market just a short walk away. Here you will find vendors selling large varieties of plants & flowers along with fresh fish, vegetables, and other local goods. 

Please Note: Thewet Market is open daily from early morning to mid-afternoon. Be sure to get an early start to your day & don't miss out on the action!


One of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks is Wat Arun or "Temple of Dawn." This temple is best known for the stunning architecture of its massive tower (or prang) & can be best seen from the Chao Phra river. With a height of more than 80 meters, the prang of Wat Arun is the highest in Thailand.


If you are visiting Wat Arun, Wat Pho or "Temple of the Reclining Buddha" is located just across the river on the opposite bank. Wat Pho is  even older than Bangkok itself, and is the oldest standing temple in the city. Known for its massive reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is a busy, but beautiful place & not to be missed as you tour along the river. 


Chinatown is the perfect throwback to the way that Bangkok was in its earlier years. From shopping in markets & street stalls, to street food & fine dining, you could easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Chinatown & spend hours in its streets.

With an entirely different atmosphere from the rest of the city, visit Chinese temples and admire their unique architecture & design. So popular is Chinatown that even the Bangkok locals visit often.

Sip a drink by the river

There are plenty of places to stop for food & drinks along the Chao Phraya, but if you are touring the river from North to South we recommend ending at Asiatique. A touristy spot? Yes. But most of the bars here face the river, and offer great nightlife with live music, social spaces & great views. 

Please Note: These stops have been listed in order from North to South & this schedule is based on where our travelers stay most often, but it can be done in reverse order depending on where you choose to stay.