OON Poshtel x Café // A Cozy Corner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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My driver looked puzzled as we pulled up to the curb for my stay at OON Poshtel x Café. Such a beautiful little café with hanging plants & flooded with natural light … but where were the rooms? Where do you check in? I had already plugged OON Poshtel x Café into my maps & confirmed the location with management, so I knew that I was in the right place.

"Here?" asked my driver as he handed me my luggage. It was right at that moment that a smiling face came out to greet me & usher me inside.

"Yes" I responded with a smile "This is perfect."

When you enter OON Poshtel from the main road, you enter through OON Café; one of the most charming little coffee spots that I’ve enjoyed during my time in Northern Thailand.

Having arrived early, I grabbed a seat & small table in the corner & ordered myself a Thai Iced Tea. Once seated, I proceeded to pull out my laptop to begin this review (with impeccable WiFi speed may I add!)

The longer that I sat, the more travelers who trickled in through the glass doors asking “Here?” and “Is this the right place?” For the record, there is a separate hotel entrance around the side.

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The staff worked quickly to turn my room over & soon it was time to check in. Funny though, I was so comfortable in my cozy café corner that I almost wasn’t ready myself.

I walked into the back & was shown to my private balcony room. OON Poshtel has only 8 rooms in total ranging from bunk style all the way to private rooms with city street views & family rooms with 4 beds. I had been warned upon booking that the street view balcony room would have some street noise, but of course that’s the nature of Chiang Mai Old Town & I didn’t mind one bit.

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The first thing that I noticed about my room was that it was simple, but incredibly clean.  Equipped with a double bed, clothes rack, wall mounted TV, WiFi & private bathroom, this private room had everything that a traveler would need to enjoy their stay (but not much more.) For travelers on a budget, or backpackers looking for a step up in comfort, I would certainly recommend taking a look at OON Poshtel x Café.

THE GOOD: Convenient Location, Mid-Range Budget, Friendly Staff

THE BAD: Street Noise (if that's something that bothers you), No Frills, No Breakfast

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