ARTOTEL// ARTIST PROFILE// 5 Questions With @mikhaelacherry


As its name suggests, Artotel Sanur is a true expression of creativity & a true piece of art in itself. Each floor of this boutique accommodation boasts contemporary architecture, interior design & breathtaking art pieces sparked from the unique visions of local artists like @mikhaelacherry.

After our most recent review of Artotel Sanur, TL Travel got in touch with the hands behind the paintbrush to learn a little more about the creative process that brought these stunning pieces to life! 

TLTRAVEL: Can you tell our readers a little more about yourself?

@MIKHAELACHERRY: Born & raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, I traveled to Shanghai when I was 16 to study Fashion Marketing. At the time of my studies I was often offered freelance jobs to do illustration & graphic design, and it was then that I realized my true passion in art. After I graduated I decided to take a graphic design course in London & I have been working as an artist since.

TLTRAVEL: Where do you think your developed your passion for art & where to you find your inspiration?

@MIKHAELACHERRY: I have been drawing for my whole life & so the art itself just seems to come naturally. I find inspiration almost anywhere. I do love animals though & the zentangle style with a touch of geometry; a style that is heavily influenced by my interest in tattoo arts.  

TLTRAVEL: There is so much life & color to your pieces at Artotel in Sanur. Were you given much direction by the hotel for these pieces or offered more creative freedom?

@MIKHAELACHERRY: Artotel gave me almost full creative freedom to do the murals that you see there. They do have a theme that has to be coherent with the other residence artist which is "layang-layang" or "kite" in English, so that is why the whale mural has some tiny kites attached to it. Artotel has been one of my favorite clients so far because of how laid back they have been & they truly care about promoting emerging local artists around Indonesia which is an important thing.

TLTRAVEL: What are the biggest struggles for you surrounding taking an idea or sketch & transferring it to a larger scale (like the murals at Artotel)?

@MIKHAELACHERRY: Proportion & perspective has been my biggest struggle, but this is made much easier through the use of a projector. For the murals at Artotel I was able to project & trace to maintain the intended proportions.

TLTRAVEL: Regarding your work at Artotel, which piece was your favorite (& why) and was there a piece that you found more challenging than the others (& how so)?

@MIKHAELACHERRY: My favorite piece is definitely the whale. I had such a fun time drawing it & had a couple of friends join me to paint. However, what I enjoyed the most about that piece was the drawing of the details, it was such a therapeutic experience for me to do a large scale zentangle style drawing.

The most challenging piece at Artotel would have to be the 6x6m drawing of the Jalak Bird on the hotel third floor. I had to move back and forth between the third and forth floor to draw the flowers on the top half & that can get exhausting (especially considering how hot Bali was at the time & the open air concept of the hotel.)

Exploring & enjoying the art at Artotel Sanur is one of the things that truly brings this hotel to life & it was a pleasure getting some insight into what went on behind the scenes.

If you want to see more artwork from this artist, please visit her website: or find her work on Instagram @mikhaelacherry

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