FOR THE LOVE OF TRAVEL // Vlogging With @angelicadelro

Every day TL Travel not only posts our favorite travel photos on Instagram, but we scan the comments & hashtags for other adventurous travelers with Instagram feeds to excite & inspire us. With Thailand being one of our all time favorite destinations, it was only a matter of time before we came across @angelicadelro & her travel shots from Thailand & beyond. 

Angelica is a 27 year old freelance photographer & videographer based out of Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States. While Angelica also has a 9-5, it is evident that travel is her passion & you can see this in the way that she documents her adventures through both video & photography.

After following Angelica on her Instagram feed & falling in love with her images, TL Travel reached out to the traveler behind the camera to learn a little bit more about her adventures in travel. Needless to say that we had a few questions & here were her answers!

TLTRAVEL: Were you always interested in traveling the world, or was this something that came about as you got older?

@ANGELICADELRO: Yes, since I was little I have always been interested in traveling the world. I used to have a huge atlas book for kids, & that was my favorite thing to read. I would always stare at the world map; always curious. Even now, every time I plan a trip or board a plane, it gives me an adrenaline rush & it’s the best feeling in the world!

TLTRAVEL: Where has been your favorite place to travel to & why?

@ANGELICADELRO: That is like asking "which food is my favorite?” it’s impossible to answer. Each place I have seen is so different & so magical in its own way.  In the Philippines, there is this little island in Palawan called “Malcapuya.” It has white sand beaches, turquoise water, & coconut trees everywhere! I also love this cliff side overlook in Muir Beach, Sausalito (pictured in the images below) & Yosemite National Park in California. Then there is this beautiful tea plantation in Chiang Rai, Thailand & so on ...

TLTRAVEL: What first attracted you to Thailand & what do you love most about it?

@ANGELICADELRO: I have always wanted to go to Thailand mainly because of … well, the FOOD. Then, as I researched more about this amazing country, I found out that there are so many places to see & I traveled from Bangkok all the way north to Chiang Rai. The experience that I had in Thailand was genuine, the people were very kind & smiles are all over! The architecture of their temples are breathtaking, the markets are very lively, & traveling by land from the central part of the country to the north was by far my favorite. I got to see these amazing rice fields, coconut trees, mountains, ate some authentic foods & met many local people. As for the food in Thailand? Well, I don’t remember eating anything that I did not like.  EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS! 

TLTRAVEL: Where do you still want to visit that you have never been? What's at the top of your bucket-list?

@ANGELICADELRO: If time & money were no obstacle, I would love to travel to every country in the world & experience their cultures. I would love to go to Nepal & trek into The Himalayas, ride a camel in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, take an epic road trip via the Ring Road in Iceland & watch the northern lights, bungee jump in New Zealand, ride a boat in the Ganges river in Varanasi, trek into Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, visit Myanmar/Burma’s Bagan Pagodas, spend a week with the Mongolian nomads, visit the 7,000+ amazing islands of The Philippines, & many more! 

TLTRAVEL: What experience is NOT on your bucket list/ you have no interest in seeing or doing?

@ANGELICADELRO: Riding an elephant. A lot of people include this in their bucket list because it “looks cool,” but many people are unaware that these elephants have been tortured. Elephant calves are taken away from their herd & are tortured/ have their spirits broken so that their handlers may have full control. Only then do they use these poor elephants for trekking/riding, logging, circus, etc. It’s very sad. You can learn more at

TLTRAVEL: What advice would you give to someone starting out as a travel vlogger that you wish you had known before?

@ANGELICADELRO: JUST. HAVE. FUN! You will get great content if you enjoy your travels, but remember to put your camera down every once in awhile to see these amazing places with your own eyes & not just through the camera lens. 

TLTRAVEL: Do you have a partner or someone that assists you with photography, photo editing, videography & video editing? 

@ANGELICADELRO: I do everything by myself 99% of the time. Sometimes if I need to include myself in the shot I ask my friends/family, or if I’m travelling alone I ask some nice stranger to take my picture/film for me. Either that or use my trusty tripod. When it comes to editing my photos & videos, I do it myself. That is my favorite thing to do after a long trip. Editing saves me from jet lag & post-holiday blues!

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TLTRAVEL: In your opinion, what has changed the most about the way that you travel since you first started your adventures?

@ANGELICADELRO: I have learned so many things since I started traveling to different places. I used to plan things out meticulously & stress about everything needing to go as planned, but as I travel more I have realized that you cannot control everything. Yes, there are going to be times that things won’t go as planned, but instead of stressing myself out, I just enjoy the moment! I love being lost!

TLTRAVEL: And lastly, what is the top tip that you can give to world travelers today?

@ANGELICADELRO: Be spontaneous. Respect other cultures. Get off the beaten path. Pack light! Be patient. Smile. Get lost & travel more while you still can! The world is a beautiful place, so see it for yourself!

If you want to follow Angelica & all her adventures, be sure to follow her on social media & subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

INSTAGRAM:   @angelicadelro