Travel Favorites For 2017 // Beauty, Fashion & More

Every month TL Travel vlogs & blogs about our favorite destinations, favorite restaurants & favorite travel products. It is our mission to try & test anything in the realm of travel that may interest our readers & this month was no different. Check out these great travel must-haves & be sure to let us know in the comments below what you never leave home without! 



In both hot & cold countries I always suggest having a scarf on hand. I bring a scarf with me to keep warm & comfy on long bus, train or plane rides & also to cover my shoulders in temples & other places of worship (where needed.) Scarves are easy to pack, easy to match & some even come with super handy pockets for your money or passport. Check out these extra luxurious pocket travel scarves from Speakeasy Travel & pick one up for your next big adventure. 



This fall/winter L'Oréal teamed up with Influenster to send the TL Travel blog team a series of products from their Revitalift Bright Reveal campaign, and while not every product in that box came travel ready, their Brightening Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 has quickly become a travel staple (& is carry-on friendly!) Check out the full line of Revitalift Bright Reveal products & be sure to pick up their moisturizer before your next trip.


Depending on your destination the style of bag/ purse or clutch that you carry your belongings around in can change drastically. Luxury resort travelers may only need a small clutch to carry a small amount of their things to and from their room, while a backpacker may need a larger, over-the-shoulder bag for their camera, wallet, sweater, room key etc. when they are out and about exploring a new city. This year I discovered this perfect Mulberry bag with removable straps that I keep with me for both adventure & luxury travel alike. When I am out and about this stylish but discreet bag carries just as much as I need to bring with me, and when I am ready to "class it up" it folds nicely into a strapless clutch that I can carry with me for an evening out. 


My final favorite accessory is great for the social media obsessed & a must-have for 2017. Popsockets are stick-on additions to your cell phone case (for both iphone & android) that act as both a hand grip for taking photos/videos & as a media stand for watching videos, or mounting on your dashboard for navigation. As someone who constantly drops their phone & who shares travel through images and video on YouTube, Twitter & Instagram, Popsockets are the perfect way to keep hold of my phone while I work for TL Travel on the road. 

As a traveler all you truly need is a passport & an open mind, but packing wisely & having a few of these great items on hand never hurts. I hope that you enjoyed our favorites for the upcoming 2017 year & if you have a must-have item that you travel with, be sure to share it with us below or tweet to us at @TLTRAVEL using the hashtag #TLTRAVELMUSTHAVE. 

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Please Note: TL Travel is not sponsored by any of the brands listed above, however some products have been provided free of charge in exchange for our 100% honest review. All opinions of above products are those of the TL Travel staff & reflect our honest experiences & opinions.