Europe is home to some of the world's most amazing cities. From London to Paris, Amsterdam to Munich & beyond, you will never be short on beautiful sites to explore when you choose Europe for your next big adventure.  

I first visited Europe on a backpacking trip fresh out of College. With an Arts degree molding my direction & an adventurous spirit to drive me, I hit the road (& the air) with the hopes to see all that there was to see of the cities that most inspired me. Of course, budget held me back from a lot of the experiences that I had scribbled down in my notebook, but I made sure to check off the biggest "musts"; Eiffel Tower, Oktoberfest, Venice Canal etc. before taking off to Southeast Asia where the bang-for-buck ratio was more in my favor.

Ten years & 30 countries later, TL Travel is returning to Europe with a bigger budget in hand & re-visiting the cities most requested by our luxury travelers. Here are just a few bucket-list adventures as requested by you, our loyal readers, but rest assured that we have much more in store!



While there are many cities throughout Europe that boast world-renowned art museums, unique architecture & a rich history, the city of Amsterdam truly takes this to the next level. One of my favorite cities to visit as a backpacker & again as a luxury tour operator, Amsterdam takes the best parts of each of our favorite cities across the globe & melts them together to create somewhat of a dreamland for travelers of all types. 


With its awe-inspiring coastline & uncrowded Atlantic waves, it's no wonder that our travelers visit Portugal again & again. From more budget surf camps to luxury seaside surf villas, Portugal seems to have a little something for everyone & a handful of hot surf spots to capture your attention. 

Surf Center.jpg


Quickly growing in popularity, Croatia's 1,800 km long coastline can best be experienced, in our opinion, from the sea. A sailing holiday is a truly magical way to fall in love with coastal Croatia & to reach some of the more remote islands that are scattered around it. Join in on a group sailing tour or charter a luxury yacht to customize this experience to your tastes. You certainly won't regret the decision to branch away from the typical tourist trail & create an adventure that's all your own. 


Right up there with Amsterdam, Paris has been one of our most requested European cities for travelers most interested in art, architecture & history. Paris though, has another special allure for travelers in love! From a visit to the Louvre to a climb up the Eiffel Tower, Paris is known as the city of love & promises a getaway full of romance & passion - it simply can't be avoided in a city so beautiful.


So fall in love with Europe & discover your favorite European cities with TL Travel. Contact us at for more information & custom trip planning, and don't forget to follow all of our adventures online on our YouTube channel where there is never a shortage of fun travel facts & inspiration.

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